Animal Gifs

When Someone Tries to Get You To Smile For The Camera

gifs reactions - 8152298752
Via null

Bat Testing Out Their Ears

funny GIF of a cute bat testing out the retraction and popping back up of his furry little ears.
By anselmbe

Bateleur Eagle

eagles mindwarp gifs majestic critters - 8490831872
By AnimalRescues (Via Youtube)

It Helps to Stretch With a Partner

cute sleep Cats stretch - 7603847168
Via Tumblr

I'm Smelling Something Delicious For Dinner!

gifs cute - 8349767168
Via biomorphosis

You Just Gotta Have Faith (the Dog)!

bipedal gifs human-like two legs walk walking - 6320351744
By Unknown

The Student Becomes the Master

Cats gifs playing toys - 8194266368
By HerrBert

Do Not Want!

do not want food gifs - 6519356672
By Unknown

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

gifs cute space - 8374967552
By Chris10a

Sea Pig Sped Up

gifs ocean sea water what is it - 6529092864
By Unknown

Never-ending Noms

Cute GIF of a little hamster with a never ending line of nom-noms.
By Unknown

Aggressive Tortoise

angry boxer chase gifs mad tortoise turtle - 6422672896
By Unknown

A Puppy's Dreams

gifs puppies dreams - 8374618112
By Unknown

No, Please, Don't Get Up.

bag gifs halp head help maru stuck trapped - 6044311552
By Unknown

I Found You!

cute hide and seek gifs games - 7945398272
By Unknown

You're so Lucky this Glass is Here!

gif glass tough Cats - 7859718144
By Unknown