Animal Gifs

I'll Save You!

rats gifs cute rescue - 8036989184
By kiwiangel

Sleepy Cuteness is the Perfect Dessert

gif cute hedgehogs - 7860678912
By ToolBee

This Squirrel is Nuts

critters gifs nuts squirrels - 8462050304
By Unknown

A Place for No Nose!

gifs puppies funny - 8135373568
Via nutellasloth

Cat versus Curtains

gif play Cats - 7141034496
By Unknown

The Dog is My Friend...

gifs Cats funny - 8075288576
By conans

If I Saw a Spider That Size, That'd Be My Reaction Too

spiders yikes gifs Cats - 8386565632
By anselmbe

So... Sleepy...

nap puppy tired sleepy - 7645835008
Via Tastefully Offensive

That Moment When Your Crush Surprises You

gifs critters cute rabbits - 7254396928
Via Lost Boy Toph

Tomcat Knows How to Climb

Cheezburger Image 8993597696
By Snake73

Maru Attempts to Sit in a Small Box

boxes gifs maru Cats - 8402532864
By Unknown

Here, Let ME Do It!

gif baths elephants funny - 7828173056
By beernbiccies

Sometimes You've Gotta Eat and Run!

eating gifs rabbits run noms - 8197861376

Puppy is Picking a Fight

gifs puppy floor fight Cats - 6955159040
By Unknown

The Quick Brown Fox

fox jump keyboard pun - 5800949248
By Unknown

You Knew It Had to Happen

Totally predictable but still funny GIF of a cat playing with a balloon which obviously pops and the cat runs away.
Via Lawebloca