Animal Gifs

Cats Play Patty-Cake

games gifs cute Cats - 8384650496
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Kangaroo Rubs

Feels Good Man friends kangaroo pet scratch wallaby - 6551894784
By Unknown

Am I Flying?

so cute puppies swimming flying - 8063119616
By Unknown

Puppy Keeps Those Teeth Clean

gifs puppies toothbrush - 8358352640
By Unknown

Kangaroo Rubbing Tum Time

gifs kangaroo critters - 7301923840
Via Head Like An Orange

We Smelled Food

creepy field food gifs herd hungry pack slow smell walk - 6399901952
By Unknown

I Refuse Your Human Kisses

gifs kisses critters cute pugs - 8447758592
By Unknown

Ohhhhh You Vant Svedish Massage?

back corgi massage relax - 6103545600
By Unknown


cat godzilla funny - 7538193920
Via Gifak

This Horse is OUTTA HERE

FAIL fall gifs horse horses jump jumping legs up - 6320683520
By Unknown

Come On, Kitten! Play With Me!

gifs kitten playing - 8240492544
Via Sethos88

Red Pandas on The Chase

cute critters gifs red pandas - 8334066432
By Unknown

They're Drinking Blood Orange Tea

crash gifs funny sharks - 7990699264
By Unknown

You're Ordinary... You're on the Side of Ceiling Cat, Mister Holmes

gifs Cats - 6938687232
By Unknown

Does He Clean Good?

gif of a mop next to a wet floor sign that suddenly moves and reveals itself to be a dog
By anselmbe (Via Know Your Meme | dogs)

From The Top Turnbuckle

GIF of a sugar glider or some kind of flying squirrel that jumps from a turnbuckle mounted near the ceiling to the floor, gliding smoothly to where he wants to land.
Via Bing