I Has A Hotdog


But the sofa cushion forgave me, so . . .

naughty list santa caption sofa funny - 8591394560
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Well, then... I'll Just Curl Up on the Floor

puppy sofa - 8398367232
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Sofa Loophole

Black Lab sofa - 8393195008
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He IS Following the Rules

signs sofa funny - 7806482432
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The Fruit's in my Spot!

cute fruit snuggle sofa - 8028854784
By Unknown

Have a Seat and We can Discuss This...Wait...

furniture couch silly sofa - 7851216640
By Unknown

Off on a Technicality

chair sofa funny - 7721288448
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You Forget One Thing, Hoomin: I Can Not Read

sofa funny - 7701733376
By Unknown

What Did You Expect Me to Do? FREEZE?

destroyed cold couch hole sofa - 7048577792
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Furniture by Basset

furniture couch basset hounds sofa sleeping - 7054393344
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Bigger is Better

boxer bigger couch crowded sofa - 6941954304
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Possession is 10/10ths of a dog's law

great dane sofa possession mine lounging - 6577494272
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Doggie Visual Dictionary

bulldog captions couch deflated dictionary sofa squish wrinkles - 6530887936
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Goggie ob teh Week: Norwich Victory!

goggie ob teh week norwich terrier sofa winner - 6544907776
Via Dmitri Krakovsky

I didn't plan this far...

caught it chasing your tail sofa upside down what breed - 6436503552
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Be useful for a change.

couch pomeranian sandwhich sofa - 6399562240
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