I Has A Hotdog

shiba inus

I'll Take That, Thank You

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Inu Where He was the Whole Time...

liar innocent shiba inus - 7844973312
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A Shiba-Boxer Mix

gifs box shiba inus funny - 7649758976
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Shiba Enjoys Some Ice Cream

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Goggie Gif: If This Doesn't Make You Smile Nothing Will

gifs puppies goggie ob teh week smiles shiba inus - 7138970880
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Goggie Gif: Rubber Ducky <3

gif rubber duckies bath happy shiba inus - 7117091328
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This is Why Bunk Beds For Dogs Don't Work

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It's What He Would Have Wanted

cheating dinner gimme shiba inus hiding - 6992297728
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The Amount of Cats on the Internet is TOO DAMN HIGH!

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Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Charming Shiba

puppies shiba inus cyoot puppy ob teh day - 7075017472
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You Wish Your Childhood Was Like This

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