I Has A Hotdog


Will do chores for noms

chair cleaning tongue pugs chores dishes - 6304531712
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Aaaah, yeah!

farts bath pugs alone - 6871906048
By DyannLynn

Bless you!

pugs leaves derp sneezing - 6850469632
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He totally deserved it...

labrador pugs wheelchair dog shaming - 6814158848
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I hate how crowded it gets...

snow corgi pugs bathroom line stump - 6761211392
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pugs what has been seen cannot be unseen derp - 6742137856
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Flowers of Shame

cone of shame costume flowers pugs - 6474283520
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How to get cuddles

best of the week captions cuddles cute Hall of Fame How To pug pugs - 6325733376
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best of the week demotivational food Hall of Fame hard hungry pug pugs - 6296016896
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Smooch Therapy

boo boo first aid help kisses pug pugs - 6273472000
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Pug Prince

best of the week Hall of Fame KISS kissing prince pug pugs - 6270043136
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New Sesame Street Character...

best of the week costume elephant elephants Hall of Fame pug pugs - 6217715968
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Grabity Field

best of the week Gravity Hall of Fame pug pugs squish strong upside down wrinkles - 6177747456
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The Jungle

plant plants pug pugs - 6152186880
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Plan Needs Tweaking...

best of the week burgers Cats Hall of Fame laughing pug pugs scared scary shark swimming tricks - 6152719360
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Goggie GIF: U got sumptin on ur faec

gifs lick pugs - 6189235968
By Unknown