I Has A Hotdog


I'll Get You Those 'Likes' You Like So Much Human

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By ani.s4 (Via vine.co)

Poor decision, puppeh... retribution in 3...2...1...

bulldog cat like puppy question stole teddy bear toy - 4879426304
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Dis my new friend.

best of the week but cuddling friend friends friendship Hall of Fame like much new not pug sleeping stuffed animal talk - 4830302976
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I'll Take Two!

best of the week finally golden retriever good Hall of Fame i has a hotdog like puppy rolls science smell things - 4756399872
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You stink.

labrador like smell stink - 4751228160
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i like big mutts

big butts cannot great dane lie like lyric rhyme song truth - 4700848128
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Das odd....

biting cat chicken confused german shepherd leg like odd strange taste - 4625224448
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better broken chairs great dane holes like mastiff mixed breed preference - 4307835392
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box boxes bulldog cat Cats comparison goggies like what - 4203352576
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dont-understand golden retriever happy like mailman skeleton - 4018515968
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border collie cat cat bed dog bed like switch - 3897496576
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like pitbull weird - 3051874560
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eat golden retriever like muffins number - 2542261760
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chew dad kitteh sez like mom puppy shoes whatbreed - 2305066240
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labrador left like puppies riding wagon - 2296887040
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baby jack russel terrier like litter lolsquirrels sleeping - 1868978432
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