I Has A Hotdog

German Shepard

Dogs Are the Best

heartwarming cute German Shepard - 7736902656
By Unknown

Sea Star

beach FAIL German Shepard vacation - 6335272448
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Sleeping on the job

baby German Shepard nap sleep - 6321759232
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Squeak Toy?

German Shepard mistake puppy squeaky toy - 6280184832
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I Don't Get It...

German Shepard what are you looking at - 6207842816
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Don't Park in Front of Hydrants

German Shepard hydrant police - 6125548800
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Slobber on teh Enemy!

drool German Shepard military soldier soldiers - 6060938240
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Goggie GIF: Jumpin' Rope

German Shepard gifs jump rope - 6108905728
By Unknown

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Pup in Training

cyoot puppy ob teh day German Shepard puppy - 6049931776
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They All Pass

cat German Shepard - 6061252352
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