The 12 Zodiac Signs As Dog Memes

Twitter user, hellogorl, compiled this funny and accurate list of dog memes as the 12 zodiac signs.  

 Anything is paw-sible when you have a dog. You can come home to a tail-wagging adorable ball of fur and a meticulously kept house, or you can come home to a house that looks like a large bomb dropped in the center of the kitchen and just spread outwards. Dogs are absolute masters of chaos, second maybe to only cats, with the stark difference being cats do it on purpose, and dogs (for the most part) are blissfully ignorant of their capabilities for carnage. 

If you are looking to prep yourself for the scales of judgement, try this massive list of wholesome memes, or keep the adorable theme going with some of the most adorable dogs youve ever seen.

Dog Memes as Zodiac Signs
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