Rebellious Cats Crossing The 'Do Not Cross' Tape

It's a known fact that cats, for some reason, love chilling in places that they really shouldn't be. But does that behavior ever cross a line? Well, legally, apparently yes. Going through Twitter, we found this hilarious thread of cats crossing the 'do not cross' tape. 

Our going theory is that the reason they do it is because they see that there are no humans behind that red tape, and they just want to nap peacefully in a quiet, secluded location. So, we forgive them. Also, they're super cute and funny, so we forgive them no matter what. It's a smart strategy on their part, that's for sure, no matter how much you wanna go pet them when they're looking so soft and pet-able, the red tape... there's nothing we can do. 

pictures of rebellious cats crossing the 'do not cross tape' thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat sitting on the do not cross tape on a table and another of a cat lying on a bench that has do not cross tape on it
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