Twitter User Purrsents Cats In Places They Shouldn't Be

Cats do truly have a tendency to find themselves in places that they have no reason to be. They'll sit in weird places, like your ceiling fan, and they'll show up in places that they are deeeefinitely not welcome, like on a runway or on a football field. We see them there, and we're shocked for a moment, but then we're like haha yeah, they're cats. 

An up an coming twitter user by the name of Cats Where They Shouldn't Be, @catsnoplace, has decided to purrsent just that - all of the funniest, most ridiculous places cats find themselves in. And we enjoyed going through them so much, we're decided that you should definitely get to laugh at these kitties too.

tweets from the twitter user Cats Where They Shouldn't Be @catsnoplace of cats being in places that they shouldn't be thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat inside of a food dispenser and another of a cat sitting in a bird's nest as well as a screenshot of the name of the twitter user
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