Caption This Photo for International Polar Bear Day!

international polar bear day
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We're teaming up with The Nature Conservancy to celebrate International Polar Bear Day on Friday, February 27! Advocates for these amazing creatures highlight today as a chance to celebrate Nanuk, as the Inuits say, as well as a day of action to reduce carbon emissions.

Submit your best caption of this polar bear by tapping "Remix" in the lower right hand corner and add the hashtag #internationalpolarbearday. We'll take submissions until Friday, 2/27 and post up our favorites on Monday, March 2.

Vote for your favorite polar bear captions here!

We Want Your Caption Contest Ideas!

caption contest
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Caption Contests - we can't get enough of them and you all are awesome accepting our caption challenges and sending in some hilarious captions.

Now, we want to hear your suggestions of what YOU want to caption. Want to caption a picture of your cat sleeping in your bed? How about that picture of your friend's skateboarding fail? Or how about a sparkly unicorn dancing with puppies (I'd like to see that one)? Email your pictures to and we'll pick our favorites to be featured in future caption contests.

Caption Contest: Caption This Happy Crossing Light

happy crossing light
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Big thanks to TheCoolHat for submitting this awesome picture for a caption contest!

Caption this happy crossing light by tapping the "Remix" button and submit it with the hashtag #happycrossinglight by Sunday, Feb 1. Vote for your favorites here and we'll post up our favorites on Monday, Feb 2. If you have any ideas for future caption contests, please email your suggestion to Happy Captioning!

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