Cats Republic: A Kitteh Café

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The cats of The Hermitage aren't the only famous felines in St. Petersburg, Russia anymore!

Cats Republic is a café with a twist: it has resident kittehs for patrons to play with every time they visit! To make sure no harm befalls these friendly felines, visitors are required to apply for a Visa in order to be granted entry into the coffee/cat haven.

Regulars have "adopted" their favorite cats among the resident bunch of kitties, and there's even a wall where visitors can measure their height in cats! Sounds like a pretty darling place to grab a drink, if you ask me!

You can learn more about Cats Republic here.

Happy National Cheezburger Day!

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Today is National Cheezburger Day! And what better way to celebrate the glorious cheezburger than a trip around our great nation to see all of of the most famous (and delicious) cheez landmarks?!

Have a cheezburger or ten! Visit Happy National Cheezburger Day!

The Daily What: Like This Cat On Facebook of the Day

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Colonel Meow doesn't post Coldplay lyrics or vague whines about hating life in his Facebook status updates, but we guarantee that you'll find him especially entertaining.


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