Reader Squee: Emo the Flyer!

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Catstina says: "This is my sweet Southern Flying Squirrel, Emo, he will be 5 this year! He is a sweet boy, but is really only bonded to me. Contrary to popular belief, a Southern Flying Squirrel is not the same as a Sugar Glider. A Flyer is a rodent and a Glider is a marsupial!"

Well Emo, don't you look fancy with your little umbrella! I promise to try and not get you confused with one of them Sugar Gliders :)

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Out of the Rain

By Bunnybuzki
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Grey skies are clearing up!


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This is our new gallery cat, Georgia. She is a ton of fun to have around and has a spunky personality. She loves to play and hide around the paintings and in umbrellas! As you can see, she is very photogenic! Her markings are a work of art all on their own, too!

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