Reader Squee: Jasper Jax

blanket,ferret,pet,reader squee,stuffed animals
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Ash319 says: "This is my two-year-old woozle, Jax. He was being lazy one afternoon and decided it was too much work to crawl back into his bed!"

That is one laaaazy ferret. But I think we'll forgive Jax since he is so squeedorable!

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Acting Like Animals: Where's Waldo-Cat?

acting like animals,blending in,cat,Hall of Fame,hiding,stuffed animals,wheres waldo
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Wait, you found me already? How is that even possible? These kinds of hiding/seeking games always take me hours to figure out!

... oh, I meowed? Well shoot. I guess that kind of ruins the whole element of the game, doesn't it?

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