Reader Squee: Scooter and Babsy

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Melanie says: "Two rescued Degus, two months into their new life of being something beyond spoiled."

I'm glad you were able to show them what the good life is like!

-Sally Squeeps

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Life's Rough!

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This is my kitty, Munchkin, relaxing on the bed. She's taking a break from her grueling schedule of treats, and cuddles, and sink faucets turned on at her every request. Life's rough.

Mittens the Kitten

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Amanda says: "My Baby Mittens (aka Mits Mits) at about six weeks old. He was left in a box in a parking lot and we rescued him and brought him home. He is very spoiled and get tons and tons of love."

Mittens in this perfect name for this little baby, because I would spend ALL DAY cradling this little angel in my hands. Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

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