A Real Life Teddy Bear?!

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Actually no, but just as cute. This is baby olinguito is a newly discovered mammal that's part of the raccoon family and can be found in high elevations of South America. In May of this year, the International Institute for Species Exploration declared the olinguito one of the "Top 10 New Species of 2014."

New Loris!

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An international team of scientists have recently found an all new reason to squee with the discovery of a new species of Slow Loris in Borneo. Get the full story at Discovery News.

-Sally Squeeps

The Daily What: New Species of Monkey

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Meet the Lesula, a species of monkey whose "discovery" is being heralded around the world today.

Just to clarify: Not Photoshopped. Not Potato Jesus. Not a man in a monkey suit.


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