Reader Squee: Wendy, The Old and Lovely

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By Karin Johansson
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Karin Johansson says: "This is my really old Birman Wendy. She is 19 years old and starting to tackle off. She looks so sad and scruffy now, but we love her dearly!"

Wendy is a wise, old, fluffy squee! I'm glad she has a loving home to spend the end of her life in, being well taken care of.

-Sally Squeeps

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This is my ittie bittie squee kittie named "Shampoo" when she was just five weeks old.

Ivy and Siobhan

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These are our two bunnies Ivy & Shiobhan. Though they look so different, they are sisters. And like sisters they sometimes quarrel but love each other very much. They take care of each other, holding watch when the other one is sleeping, clean each other