Reader Squee: Teeny Frog Legs

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WhiteRoseMaiden says: "I just received my African Clawed Frog tadpole in the mail this morning. On top of being super tiny and adorable, it's got itty-bitty froggy legs growing in already! Its body is see-through, so you can see all the working bits."

Your tadpole is super cool, but I feel like he belongs in one of our Creepicute features. He's definitely squee, but just a tad bit creepy too!

- Sally Squeeps

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Then & Now....

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This is my baby named Teddy-Bear. The first pick is of him on the day we brought him home (at about 12 weeks old) sleeping next to a toy cat I have. The second is of him with the same toy in August this year, just a few months short of his 5th birthday. I can't believe he used to be that small!! <3 :)

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