Squee Spree: Fennec Foxes Vs. Bat-Eared Foxes!

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Squee lovers, this week's Squee Spree contest features two fantastic kinds of foxes, both with adorable ears!

In the lovably alliterative corner, we have itty bitty fennec fox kits! And in the too-ominously-named-for-such-a-cute-face corner, we have baby bat-eared foxes!

Let us know which animal you want by taking the poll!

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Photos by Kathy Newton and In Cherl Kim

Half-Awake, Half-Asleep, Fully Fennec

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Don't ask me why, but this particular gif evoked in my head the idea of Metric's "Empty" video, reshot with fennec foxes. "Here everyone squees / one kit wakes up as the other stays down," etc.

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