Reader Squee: Naughty Pig

reader squee,naughty,chewed,pets,hole,guinea pig,carrying case,squee
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MyBugIsCute says: "My squee lil' pig chewed a face-sized hole in his carrying case! Hard to stay mad at him when he's so dang squee-dorable."

Disciplining squeedorable pets when they've been naughty takes a lot of willpower!

-Sally Squeeps

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Freshly Chewed and Ready to Be a Bed

asleep,baby,chewed,corgi,exhausted,Hall of Fame,puppy,sleeping,slipper
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I guess this is the puppy equivalent of fluffing your pillows? You almost can't be mad at them for wreaking such havoc on your footwear when they put it that way...

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