Important Announcement About Commenting

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Important Announcement About Commenting: Beginning on Monday, only registered users will be able to comment on our sites. Once you've registered with us you'll be able to see all of your comments under "My Comments" on your profile. Also, your comments will no longer sit in moderation for quite as long, which allows you to comment more and keep up with the conversation. Of course you'll still be able to comment using your Facebook profile as well.

Stay tuned as we continue to make Cheezburger a happier place!

Visit the Cheezburger blog for more information.

My Fat Cat and an Important Announcement

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Squee lovers, I am sorry to say that starting next week, yours truly will no longer be running Daily Squee.

It's not all bad news though! Long-time squee fans will remember my replacement! Her name is Ingo, and she ran the site with Brad before I jumped on to take charge! She loves cute animals and is much less punny than me, so I'm sure you'll all get along with her just fine! Plus you'll still be able to find me every day on So Much Pun.

Also, I want to leave doing what we all love: Sharing the squee! So above is a photo of my way-too-fat cat, Mea, taking up half of my parents' coffee table in her typical tabby fashion. She used to be skinny when we first got her, but then I moved away from home and my parents pampered her waaaaaaaaay too much with a never-ending supply of treats. :)

It's truly been a joy to be in the squee community, and I promise I'll drop in from time to time to say hello. Thanks for making my job adorable, everyone!

Love, Matthew "Matty Malaprop" Martell