A Pack of Baby Pandas in China Venture Outside for the First Time

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While the government shutdown is preventing us panda lovers from getting our fix through the National Zoo's panda cam, fear not! Fourteen baby pandas in China have just ventured outside for the first time and People Pets has brought you the video!

Click on the image to watch all of the cuteness unfold!

Animal of the Day: Revolution Begins as Lion Opens Car Door in South Africa

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They’re coming.

Octopuses are climbing out of their cages, koalas are walking the streets like humans and now lions have learned to break into cars. Pretty soon they’ll be behind the wheel, and then it’s game over.

This video of a family in South Africa is freaking everyone out, and rightly so, as one of these giant cats casually walks over to them and figures out how to open the car door with its teeth.

This could just be revenge for all the delicious hipster children and bros who have ben taunting them in videos for our amusement.

A lion in San Diego also recently gave a speech to zoo-goers, which must have been a call for action to lions around the world.

This clip was filmed last year, but has gone vial this week with over 4 million views.

Cool? Yes. Terrifying? Yes.