NBC Promises Live Coverage, Doesn't Give Live Coverage

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If you've been watching NBC's coverage of the Olympics, there's a good chance you've watched every significant event on an obnoxiously nationalistic tape delay.

There was a fair amount of rage over NBC making the United States one of the only countries not to broadcast the Opening Ceremonies live. Now it would appear as though they're playing fast and loose with the term "live" in their event coverage.

For weeks on end, NBC played up the Ryan Lochte/Michael Phelps showdown in the 400 IM that saw Lochte take the gold, while Phelps failed to medal in an event he holds the world record in. It was billed as a match-up for the ages. And NBC didn't broadcast it live.

Instead, they posted the results on the front page of their Olympics site after the fact, and then showed the race tape-delayed online an hour later.

And now NBC is getting Twitter accounts of people who are being overly critical of their broadcasts shut down, because the adult way to handle your coverage being terrible is make sure nobody criticizes it.

The icing on the cake for their blatantly Team USA-centric coverage hit a tipping point today. Host nation Great Britain won their first ever medal in team gymnastics, while Japan controversially took silver after challenging a score that originally had them finishing fourth. The script practically wrote itself in a gymnastics final that will go down in Olympics history.

So naturally NBC's headline not only incorrectly reported Great Britain's silver medal (they won bronze after Japan's challenge), but it focused on the U.S. men's fifth place finish.

Appropriately, the internet has reacted the only way they know how: with a parody Twitter account.

Who's Ready for the Time Delayed Opening Ceremonies?

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If you missed the live broadcast (or you just want to watch 40-foot-tall Voldemort again) NBC's tape delay broadcast begins in thirty minutes.