Olympian Profile: Ryan Lochte

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Remember - Ryan Lochte will be swimming today in the 4x100 relay later today! Stay tuned for updates!

Lochte Takes Gold, Phelps Finishes Fourth

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It was supposed to be the matchup that Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps battled it out for aquatic supremacy. Instead, the 400 meter individual IM became the race that saw Lochte take the title of "Fastest Swimmer in the World" as he dominated the field, storming to victory and pulling ahead late to win in 4:05.18.

Phelps, who still holds the world record in the 400M IM, failed to medal in an event he won in Beijing back in 2008. He had this to say shortly after the race:

"I felt great for the first 200m, but after that it just didn't happen. I was lucky to get in [the final]. I had the chance to get off on a good note but didn't do it."

As disappointing as it was for Phelps, it was equally as fantastic for Lochte, who's made an emphatic statement that he's the one to beat right now.

Also disappointing everyone was NBC, who failed to broadcast the event they'd been mercilessly plugging for weeks. Bad form NBC. BAD FORM.