The American Opening Ceremonies Outfits Are As Hilarious As We Thought They'd Be

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Reactions to the United States Olympic team outfits designed by Ralph Lauren have seen reactions ranging from "they're fine, I guess" to "they're all-wrong and un-American."

Gymnast Jake Dalton tweeted the picture to the left, proving that the ensemble provided to our Olympic team is just as ridiculous (and decidedly fabulous) as we anticipated (Hope Solo and company model the women's outfit here).

Nothing Says 'Olympian' Like Hideous National Outfits

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The idea behind Team Spain's athelete uniforms is that their opponents will be too busy vomiting to compete. Genius!

On the left is Saul Craviotto, a gold medal-winning canoeist, who tweeted this image of him in Spain's Olympic garb and offering a "no comment" about their look:

"I leave it up to you."
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