¡Viva México! Mexico WINS Men's Soccer in 2-1 Match Against Brazil!

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Team Mexico got off to an amazing start by scoring a goal within the first 29 SECONDS of the match -- the fastest score in the Olympics since record-keeping started in 1976.

Brazil left the match understandably disappointed. Although the country is more or less the Mecca for soccer, they have never won an gold medal in the sport.

After the incredible first goal, Mexico held onto their lead into the halfway mark. Mexican striker Oribe Peralta also scored the second goal of the game in the 75th minute, securing the win for Mexico.

Really, Ref?!

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In what universe is that not a red card?!

In today's Senegal vs Mexico game, Senegal defender Pape Souare straight-up kicked Hector Herrera in the face. OUCH.

Souare was handed a yellow card for the offense, and Senegal went on to lose to Mexico 4-2.