Today's Medal Count: Yay English Speaking Countries!

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The United States is now FIRST in our medal count thanks to Track and Field events!

Australia FINALLY cracked the top ten!

And Great Britain remains in third, continuing their most successful Olympic run ever!

HOORAY FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES! In honor of English, here are some ENGLISH FACTS! In addition to being the most widespread language in the world, English also has one of the largest vocabularies, but the letter combination "ough" can be pronounced in eight different ways. Also, since you're reading this right now, we can assume you also speak English. NICE WORK!

Historic Photo Finish in Women's Triathlon

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Both Nicola Spirig of Switzerland and Lisa Norden of Sweden crossed the Triathlon finish line with a time of 1 hour, 59 minutes and 48 seconds this morning, but the gold went to Spirig in a true-blue photo-finish.

In a thrilling sprint to the finish, these two ladies delivered a truly unique finish to one of the Olympics' most grueling events. The judges examined the evidence and determined that Spirig was ahead of Norden by 15 centimeters.

Two seconds behind them was Erin Densham of Australia, who had been in the lead pack with the two winners until the last 200 meters of the race. In an interview, Spirig had this to say about the race:

"I had a feeling but I wasn't really sure," the 30-year-old Spirig said when asked if she knew she had won the gold medal. "I really needed an official to tell me. It took a few minutes and those minutes were really hard."