Goodbye Chair!

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These past two and a half years with you have been so fantastic. We had a chance to share our love for oddly conceived real estate photos, incredible architecture, questionable home decor choices. I got to share my European adventures through the eyes of the prevalent architects in each city. We shared our love and enmity for prominent names in design.

It's been a special ride. Thank you all so very much, each and every one of you, whether you were active in the comments or just stopped by now and again to marvel at the nonsense of the ways we choose to live.

You can still find awesome home snafus at Win and some great decor items at Must Have Cute.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Goodbye, Little Chairs

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Sad news, friends.

Over the past few years we've shared a great deal of laughs, gasps and chairs but it's all coming to an end. August 24 will be our last day together. Give each other big hugs! The site isn't being shut down completely. You can all still relive memories in the existing posts, but there won't be any new content.

Until then, let's enjoy the lulz.