Bear Dylan Capshun Contest: 4th Runner Up!

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Now, we don't usually have a fourth runner-up here on Just Capshunz with our contest, but we had to make an exception this week because we got SO MANY awesome submissions for this totally radical southpaw, guitar-playing bear. So, a big congratulations to mamaowzez for becoming the third runner-up in this week's caption contest! We will post three more runners-up throughout the week, followed by the winner on Friday just before we post up the new capshun contest! Congrats again, mamaowzez!!! Keep up the excellent captioning!

Bear Dylan Capshun Contest

animals,bear,caption contest,folk music,folk singer,guitar,photoshopped
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Hey, Captioners! Another week, another ~~Caption Contest~~! Wanna play along? The rules are simple:

1) Click the photo above to add a caption. Be sure and press "Create" when you're finished!

2) Have fun, and be creative!

3) We will choose some of the best entries and feature them on the front page throughout next week.

Pretty simple, eh? You're thinking it sounds like fun, aren't you? Don't hesitate another moment! Caption! Caption! Caption! And good luck to each one of you!

Truth Bomb #83

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CLEARLY 'SHOPPED I can tell by the garter belt. Paris Hilton would never wear underwear.

(Paris Hilton)