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Take a look at this ruthless criminal.

A boy in Victoria, Australia named Sam Box came home Monday to find a koala attempting to drive away with his family's Land Rover.

He took a bunch of photos of the suspect before he fled the scene.

"I opened the door and he just got out and walked away," said the boy.

Koala sightings are fairly common in the area around their sheep farm, according to his father, but they're not usually trying to steal their car.

Even if he could even reach the pedals with his stubby little legs, his driving would probably look something like this.

The only way to properly honor this thieving marsupial is to caption him in all his glory! We'll post the good ones.

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A koala cries out to the world, "save my people!"

September 24 is International Save The Koala Day and in tribute to this marsupial tribe, we want you to caption this photo. Click and use our builder to add your best caption before 12pm PT Friday, 9/26. The top entries will be published by Monday morning for you to vote and decide whose was the best!

Even if you don't enter your own submission, click here to see all the captioned submissions.

Be sure to also check out this article by Take Part that gives a glimpse into the lives of koalas and some of nature's other incredible creatures.

Feeling inspired? Submit your entry to our sea otter caption contest too!

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What r u lookin at? I iz just sittin here like a normal koala, licking my my Popsicle. That I stole. From you.

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