Dog Helps Blind Teen Participate in Cross-Country

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Sami Stoner is legally blind and making history in Ohio. The high school student is running on her school's female cross country team with her guide dog, Chloe. Sami had to obtain a waiver from the Ohio High School Athletic Association that would permit her to run with her companion Chloe. With the help of her Athletic Director, John Harris, Sami obtained permission to run on the team with Chloe (SUCCESS!!).

Sami's father, Keith Stoner, said he's grateful to those who worked with OHSAA to give his daughter a chance at pursuing a dream. "It's a great message," he said. "She's never going to be up front getting a medal, but as far as my wife and I are concerned, she wins every race. I'm thankful that puppy was brought into our lives."