Goggie ob teh Week: We Has an Interest in ur Talkies!

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U voted last week in da Face Off between da Affenpinscher and da Basenji 2 determin wich goggie wud b teh breed ob teh week dis week. An luk!! Teh Basenji wins!!

So wifout furthur ado, heerz ur furst Basenji ob teh week. We hoap u enjoy dese lubbly goggies!

Goggie ob teh Week FACE OFF: Basenji

basenji,face off,goggie ob teh week
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Ohai hotdogz! As Pharaoh Hound week drawz 2 a conclushun, we need ur help desiding wut breed ob goggie we shud featcha nekst week! HOWEBER- we r gunna b doin' sumfing a wittle differant nao.

Frum nao on, Goggie ob teh Week will b a FACE OFF between two goggie breeds. Hooeber gets da most votes via Facebook shares AND comments ober da weekend will be featchad as da Goggie ob teh Week! So, dis week we hab da Basenji faced off against da Affenpinscher!

Du u want da Basenji to be da Goggie ob teh Week nekst week? Den u had bettur share dis post on Facebook and leev comments on dis post!

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